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Welcome To The Challenge!

Professional Premium

The next round of Professional Premium begins on July 1st, 2024, and is  open to everybody, whether you've taken the 60-Day Challenge or not!

3 Reasons Writers Join Premium:


Planning and hoping to write and finish your book is a thing of the past. We built Premium to keep you on-track, accountable, and motivated to write, edit, and finish your book.


Doing anything on your own, including writing, is always going to be harder. With multiple calls a week, a certified coach, and a stellar editor, you'll have everything you need whenever you need it.



It's important to be in a community of like-minded, focused writers all looking for the same end-goal: a finished book. 

Here's how it works:

Professional Premium gives you access to exclusive weekly coaching calls and you're welcome to attend either or both.

Professional Premium runs for THREE MONTHS!  

You get three full months of writers' coaching calls, group critique, and a 1:1 critique from Lauren Loftis on up to 10,000 words of your WIP.

Returners Premium Colleen.png

Our previous members of the premium group have absolutely LOVED working with Colleen, our certified professional coach. 

If you struggle with the motivation to sit down and write, or the idea that you can (and should) prioritize your writing, Colleen is here to help you get out of your own way! 

Those who have already taken Professional Premium can tell you what a great program this has been, and you'll likely see several of them coming back to Colleen's sessions again.

The advice she provides tends to be timeless.

*Colleen's group meetings are happening TWICE a week for the first two months, and only once a week in month three. Wednesdays at 5PM PST (through month 3) and Saturdays at 1 PM PST (through month 2). You can attend BOTH or either, as your schedule allows.* 


Here at Tally Ink, we are big believers in the power of community. We also believe that part of growing as a writer includes practicing your critiquing skills and analyzing the work of others.

As soon as we get started, writers will have the option to jump into the critique group with Lauren Loftis, who is hosting calls once a week.

Every Sunday at 11am Pacific time, members of Professional Premium will get the chance to give each other direct feedback from the group as well! The critique portion of Professional Premium will involve editing outside of the call itself, so members will need to dedicate time to read and provide thoughtful feedback.

How much does it cost for a Premium experience?

If we sold this all individually it would be over $2,000.

  • 3 months of group coaching – $997

  • 3 months of critique – $497

  • Blurb workshop – $297 

  • 10,000-word developmental review – $197

  • 1:1 coaching – $147

  • Community – Priceless

Total Value: $2,135



Are you ready to finally finish your book?

We know you may still have questions... Here are all the answers:

Q: Do I have to attend every single call? 
A: We ask that you let us know if you are not going to be able to participate in the critique calls ahead of time. It's only fair that if your fellow writers are going to provide you with feedback, you should do your best to reciprocate.

Q: Who can join Professional Premium?
A: Professional Premium is open to anybody who is taking the 60 Day Challenge, or anyone who has written a manuscript, whether on their own or through the 60 Day Challenge.

Q: Which days of the week do the calls take place? 

A: Colleen's group coaching calls take place on Wednesdays at 5PM PT for all 3 months, and Saturdays at 1PM PT for the first 2 months.

Q: How long will my membership last?
Professional Premium begins its three month cycle every quarter, so your purchase of $179
 will last all three months of the program!

Q: Does it matter what genre I write? 
A: We
ask that you keep the work you're sharing relatively appropriate, but all genres are welcome.

Q: When Does Professional Premium Begin?
A: We always host a kickoff call on the first Saturday of the new Premium round to welcome our new members and go over the rules and expectations. Watch your email for an invite to the kickoff call!

Character Worksheets.jpg
Challenge Book Low Res.jpeg

Professional Premium Terms & Conditions By purchasing Professional Premium, I agree to the terms of service. I understand that "Professional Premium" (Formerly called "Returners Premium") is a service to help focus my own writing activities. It is not a promise of success, not a service to write my book for me, and is only meant to be a guide for my own efforts. The course offering includes weekly coaching calls with Colleen Mitchell, at a time most suitable to the needs of the group. If my schedule prohibits me from attending, I understand that a replay of these coaching calls will be posted for me to view during the following week. This course also includes weekly calls with editor Lauren Loftis, which will also be held at a time most suitable to the needs of the group. I understand that calls may not align with my personal availability, and may occasionally need to be rescheduled to accomodate the needs of the group and the host. Professional Premium is not refundable for any reasons, including issues with email delivery, dissatisfaction with the course contents, scheduling conflicts, or shipping related issues. If any concerns arise with my order, including issues with email delivery or delivery of the product, I am aware that I can contact for help with customer service. Response times are typically 1-2 business days, but may vary. Access to the included Zoom calls are considered to be a privilege and not a guarantee of the course offering. These privileges can be revoked for any reason, including but not limited to discourteous behavior, excessive self promotion, or inability to get along with fellow challenge participants. Access to the group offerings can be revoked by Tally Ink and its employees at any time for any reason. Refunds in these circumstances are not guaranteed, and will only be provided at the sole discretion of Tally Ink. Access to the course materials is only guaranteed during the duration of the currently purchased program. While the existing videos will sometimes be available to review after the course ends, access to them is not guaranteed as the videos may be replaced for future courses. I understand that this course is proprietary, and I agree not to share challenge links or content with those who have not purchased the program. All rights belong to Tally Ink. Materials provided in the course may not be recreated or redistributed without express written consent from Tally Ink.

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