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Challenge Course + Physical Workbook

Challenge Course + Physical Workbook


The 60 Day Novel Challenge + The Physical Workbook

*60 Days of videos

*60 Days of Homework Assignments

*Physical Workbook 

*Physical Checklist

*Winners Pin At the End (But Only If You Finish)


The price includes Shipping (Only within the USA) ($19.99)

  • By clicking the Submit button, you agree to the terms of service. You understand that The 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge is a service to help focus your own writing activities.

    It is not a promise of success, not a service to write your book for you, and is only meant to be a guide for your own efforts.

    The 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge is not refundable for any reasons, including issues with email delivery, dissatisfaction with the course contents, or shipping-related issues.

    You understand that the shipping process is outside of the control of Tally Ink LLC, and while Tally Ink LLC will make every effort to mail ordered workbooks in a reasonable time, shipping issues that arise from an incorrect address or with the carrier are not the fault of Tally Ink LLC and will not be compensated.

    If any concerns arise with your order, including issues with email delivery or delivery of the product, you are aware that you can contact for help with customer service.

    Response times are typically 1-2 business days, but may vary.

    Access to the 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge Facebook Group and Zoom calls are considered to be a privilege and not a guarantee of the course offering. These privileges can be revoked for any reason, including but not limited to discourteous behavior, excessive self-promotion, or inability to get along with fellow challenge participants.

    Access to the group offerings can be revoked by Tally Ink LLC and its employees at any time for any reason. Access to the course materials is only guaranteed during the duration of the currently purchased 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge. While the existing videos will likely be available to review after the course ends, access to them is not guaranteed as the videos may be replaced for future courses.

    You understand that this course is proprietary, and you agree not to share challenge links or content with those who have not purchased the challenge. All rights belong to Tally Ink LLC. Materials provided in the course may not be recreated or redistributed without express written consent from Tally Ink LLC.

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